Friday, December 21, 2012

The Recent Delhi Rape

The heinous crime of the recent rape in Delhi has rightly jolted the slumbering masses to rise and make a loud protest. It has also sent shock waves into the dilly-dallying corridors of power to extract sympathy and assurances that they will and are taking appropriate measures. But the question is, will they? They have time tested tools to counter such voices of protest —‘public memory is short’; ‘give assurances and push the matter into the labyrinth of bureaucracy’; ‘divert the issues by endless political and intellectual debates’; ‘use the administrative traps to swallow activists and force them to spend all their energy in efforts to break out of the intricate webs spun around them’; and so on. The consequence is that assurances mostly remain just assurances. Is it not time that continued effective monitoring and follow up is done by some groups of serious and upright activists?


  1. The vociferous protests at that time in New Delhi and at other places in the country were caused since things had been deteriorating for some time and actions taken were inadequate. It may be called accumulated effect.This was an expression of the people that all wanted serious actions and not empty assurances. The protests are having effects in so far as laws and justice are concerned. But side by side serious efforts are also necessary for prevention of such acts by people of various ages at different times.

  2. On further thinking I observed that because the things had gone out of hand, the anger had come out in this enormous form.We should see the writing on the wall clearly and not underestimate the gravity of the protests. Time has come, for solid actions & effective results, which should be known to and seen by everyone. The country has several problems to grapple with, but we should not go on adding more problems, rather we should solve them one by one and reduce the number of problems to be tackled.