Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Demonetization: Inspiring gesture by school children


Demonetization: Inspiring gesture by school children

Even kids are moved by the problem of the common man and they are breaking their piggy-banks to help the needy a little.

Do our political leaders, the self-shouting messiahs of the poor, have no sentiments left to get inspired by this gesture of school going children?

Why not, for a change, get inspired and break some dinosaury-banks they command and start counters to help their voters in these times of need?

Are they devoid of the simple commonsense that if they advance the date of opening their coffers at election time by a few fortnights they will not only get additional votes in return of their act of public service but also clear the blot of being insensitive? Another added benefit will be the satisfaction of hitting the ruling party where it hurts most.

Why they consider it to be their duty to simply shout loud in their lip service of showing sympathy for suffering masses?

Why they work hard to add to the woes of masses by instigating them to agitate against a step they openly approve of?

Why not change this attitude that has been in vogue for decades that on pretext of helping masses Netas spend money on protests and rallies and public meetings and themselves and their goons?

That is the image of our Netas in the eyes of the man on the street; and can any amount of logical sounding illogical support, from intellectuals ensconced in high places and the partisan media, change that public perception?

Why do they conveniently forget that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived and suffered like common people of this country and never needed tons of money or herds of goons to influence masses to gain popularity?