Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Is expression of anger due to threat perception right?

Is expression of anger due to some misconceived threat perception right?

To get angry at wrong doings is good. To get angry at any real or perceived threat to our security is not just good but our duty and right as well. But we are justified to express it or raise our voice only when we have been actively and forcefully expressing, if not our rage, at least our angst at other real and much more damaging issues like food adulteration, water pollution, rampant corruption and many others. One such very grave but most neglected problem is that of road accidents. For a minute put aside some perceived or probable but comparatively distant threats including terrorism, communal riots and mob-lynching, and think about the real threat lurking at our doorstep every hour of the day in various forms — a drunk driver, a speeding vehicle, an open drain hole, a large pot hole etc. One never knows when he or his kin will be drawn into a road accident without any fault from his side.
No other threat to life is real and greater than this because the maximum number of deaths in our country is due to road accidents. In 2015 as many as 146,133 people were killed in India, an increase of 4.6% on the previous year. In 2016 the number was 147913 (or 12326 per month or 405 per day). This means accidents are killing more people in India than terrorism or natural disasters and yet we never talk about them and get angry at the system that helps perpetuate the threat instead of trying to remove it.
More than half of the people killed in more than 500,000 road accidents were aged 15-34. Thirteen states, including Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh, accounted for more than 80% of all road accidents and fatalities. Of these 81.9 % were due to driver’s fault. We are aware of the lackadaisical working of RTOs in issuing of driving licenses and other matters but there is hardly any report of activists demonstrating there. Where is the anger against the system directly responsible for killing of more than 350 young people every day? Is it not a graver and real menace than other magnified perceived threats? 

For the problem to have become so menacing our apathy and silence is responsible. More responsible than the common man are the self proclaimed intellectuals. Even among them those who are recognized and established in their respective fields as well as those who are involved in social activism have a greater responsibility simply because of the fact that their anger becomes news and the grief of common man goes unnoticed.

Is it not time they asked some honest questions to their own self — "Is my anger due to perceived threat to my comfort zone?", “Am I angry because a part of the society appears to be going against the utopian ideology, I have convinced my self, to be aimed at greater good of mankind?”, “Is my anger driven by impatience to see some desired healthy changes in social environment that become acceptable only with due passage of time?”, “Is my anger not inspired by the prevailing political winds that tend to magnify, with the help of TRP driven media, any and all stray incidents into threats to the society at large?”,  “Is my anger not misplaced as I consider that the perceived threat to me is greater than the real threat to the man on street which, if not tackled on priority, is sure to engulf me too?”


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year- 207

नववर्ष - 2017

कल की यादें, कल के सपने, हैं तो ये सब के सब अपने।
अभी का खिलना, आज का हॅंसना, उन से भी तो ज्यादा अपने।
आज तो जी लें जी भर जी लें, भूल के यादें, छोड के सपने।
भावी से चल कर जो आये आज मिले, वे ही तो कल होंगे अपने।

शुभकामनाएं कि नए वर्ष में हर दिन आज का, अभी का करते रहें हर्षमय आलिंगन
—सुरेन्द्र बोथरा

Happy New Year - 2017
Best wishes

Memories of yesterday, dreams of tomorrow, all are ours.
Blooming of now, laughter of today, even more so ours.
Let us live fully today forgetting memories, abandoning dreams.
Approaching from future whatever reaches us today only that becomes ours tomorrow.

Best wishes that each day of the New Year
May you joyously embrace ‘the today’ and ‘the now’.

    Surendra Bothra

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Demonetization: Inspiring gesture by school children


Demonetization: Inspiring gesture by school children

Even kids are moved by the problem of the common man and they are breaking their piggy-banks to help the needy a little.

Do our political leaders, the self-shouting messiahs of the poor, have no sentiments left to get inspired by this gesture of school going children?

Why not, for a change, get inspired and break some dinosaury-banks they command and start counters to help their voters in these times of need?

Are they devoid of the simple commonsense that if they advance the date of opening their coffers at election time by a few fortnights they will not only get additional votes in return of their act of public service but also clear the blot of being insensitive? Another added benefit will be the satisfaction of hitting the ruling party where it hurts most.

Why they consider it to be their duty to simply shout loud in their lip service of showing sympathy for suffering masses?

Why they work hard to add to the woes of masses by instigating them to agitate against a step they openly approve of?

Why not change this attitude that has been in vogue for decades that on pretext of helping masses Netas spend money on protests and rallies and public meetings and themselves and their goons?

That is the image of our Netas in the eyes of the man on the street; and can any amount of logical sounding illogical support, from intellectuals ensconced in high places and the partisan media, change that public perception?

Why do they conveniently forget that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived and suffered like common people of this country and never needed tons of money or herds of goons to influence masses to gain popularity?


Thursday, April 7, 2016

अकाल की प्यास (Thirst of drought)

Thirst of drought
This is for those who hide behind debates, suppress their inner voice and condone their guilt by providing mere lip service to the suffering masses of Latur and other drought and water scarcity ridden areas.

अकाल की प्यास

भुतही इमली के तले
अंधेरी राह चलते
अनजाने भय से
फटे से स्वर में
बस, चिल्लाते ही तो हो,

तुम्हारे भरे पेट को कहीं
वह अकाल की भूख
छू भी जाय
बस, इसी डर से
सहायता का बेसुरा गीत
गाते ही तो हो।

अकाल, नाम भर
बस, सुना ही तो है
देखा कहाँ,
और सुन कर ही
तुम्हारे आदर्श का ऐश्वर्य
दूर खडे़ बालू के टीले में
धंसने लगा,

रात की महफिल का
रंगीन निमंत्रण
और सुबह
देर से टूटी
नींद की उबासी का आलम
सूखी हवाओं के
भूरे जाल में
फंसने लगा।

तुमने जानी है
बस वही भूख
जो दोपहर दो बजे लगती है
और वही प्यास
जो रात आठ बजे जगती है,
तुम्हें क्या मालूम
अकाल की प्यास
कितनी दर्द भरी होती है।

मुझसे पूछो
ना, मुझसे भी नहीं
मेरी उस अंगुली से पूछो
जो जीवन के दीये की
लौ पर रखी है
जिसकी चर्बी
चटख कर बूँद हो
बाती में रिसती है,

इस इंतजार में
कि कोई आये
दो बूँद ही सही
पर आशा के तेल से सींच जाये
उस बुझती जलती बाती को।

वह बाती
जलने की आस लिये
बार बार बुझती है,
पूछो, जरा पूछो
उस टिमटिमाते जीवन सी
सूख रही बाती से,
अकाल की प्यास, सचमुच
कितनी प्यासी होती है।

मेरे प्रकाशित कविता संकलन से --

मैने तुम्हारी मृत्यु को देखा है
प्रकाशक: सर्जना, शिवबाडी रोड, बीकानेर - 334003.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


प्रकृतिदत्त या परिस्थितिजन्य अभाव या अपर्याप्ति को दुर्बलता या असमर्थता कह कर पहचान के रूप में किसी पर थोपना कभी रुचा नहीं। दुर्बलता या असमर्थता वस्तुतः मानसिकता में होती है अतः पहचान का भी मानसिकता से ही होना उचित है। कुछ यही भाव एक कविता के रूप में अभिव्यक्त हो गए थे (1972) अनेक वर्षों बाद आज ऐसा लगा कि दिव्यांग नाम देने से पहचान परिवर्तन की तरफ पहला कदम तो उठा। धीरे-धीरे उन्हें दुर्बल या दयनीय समझने की मानसिकता भी बदलेगी।

छाया का छलावा

कौन लंगड़ा है
मगर गतिवान फिर भी ?
कौन चल सकता
मगर लंगड़ा रहा है ?
कौन इन बैसाखियों से आज पूछेः
पाप करता कौन ?
जो पथ नापता है
या, जो कि लूले-स्वप्न
बाँटे जा रहा है ?

कौन लंगड़ा है ?

कौन लूला है
मगर कुछ गढ रहा है ?
कौन है जो खिलखिलाता
हाथ थामे ध्वंस के ?
कौन खोले मुट्ठियों को
और सोचे
भाग्य की रेखा दिखा कर कौन ?
स्वप्न की भोली परी के
पंख नोचे जा रहा है ?

कौन लूला है ?

कौन अंधा है
मगर कुछ देखता है ?
कौन सब कुछ देख
अंधा बन रहा है ?
कौन सूनी चोखटों पार जाये और देखेः
ज्योत्सना के स्रोत पर
कोहरा बिछा कर कौन ?
जिन्दगी के जाम में
भर कर अंधेरा पी रहा है ?

कौन अंधा है ?

कौन जगता है
नयन में आस लेकर ?
कौन सब की आस की
शैया बनाए सो रहा है ?
नींद की नगरी में किससे कौन पूछे ?
करुण क्रन्दन को
मधुर लोरी समझ कर कौन ?
स्वार्थ की अट्टालिका में
राक्षसी तन्द्रा लपेटे सोगया है ?

कौन जगता है ?

व्यर्थ ये सब प्रश्न
क्यों सब पूछते हैं ?
एक छाया के छलावे से
वृथा क्यों जूझते हैं ?
चाह कर उलझा दिया,
फिर क्यों पहेली बूझते हैं
कौन सोता, कौन जगता भूलकर
झाँकें हृदय में
और पूछें :
जागता ‘‘मैं’’ या
अभी भी सो रहा है ?

(2012 में प्रकाशित मेरी पुस्तकमैंने तुम्हारी मृत्यु को देखा हैसे )