Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year - 2015

uoo’kZ & 2015 dh “kqHkdkeuk,a

rksM dj foxr dh fufcM vaf/k;kjh dkjk
cg mBs uoo"kZ esa le; dh fueZy /kkjkA
}s"k ds] Hk; ds] vkrad ds eSy ls cpk mls
cuus nsa] va/k&dwi ugha] txexkrk flrkjkA

 Rkks “kqHkdkeuk,a
fd u, o’kZ ds gj iy dks vf/kd ls vf/kd izdk'keku dj ldsa

lqjsUnz cksFkjk


Best wishes for Happy New Year - 2015

Shattering the dense dark dungeon of the past
May the pristine stream of time flow in the New Year.
May we allow it to become, not a black-hole but a shining star
Protecting it from the slime of terror, aversion, and fear.

So, best wishes for you to be able to add more and more glow to each moment of the New Year.

    Surendra Bothra

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