Wednesday, September 25, 2013

भ्रष्टाचार: कुछ दोहे
Corruption : Some couplets
 by Surendra Bothra 'Manu'

किससे दुखडा रोइए, कौन सुने तकरीर,
राजनीति तो अब भई, गुंडों की जागीर।

Whom to complain? Who will hear the appeal?
These days politics has become the domain of rogues.

मंत्री-बाबू-द्वारपाल, सब करते हैं मांग,
किस-किस को समझाइए, पडी कुए में भांग।

Including minister, babu and peon, everyone puts forth demand.
Who all can be redeemed when the source of drinking water itself is drugged?

शासक शोषक बन गए, नेता हो गए नीच,
लूट रहे अब बेहया, हया सडक के बीच।

Administrators have become exploiters and leaders unscrupulous.
As a consequence the brazen are plundering honour in the middle of the road.

नेता वोटर से कहे, माता तेरी भूल,
ठगने पर भी चुन लिया, हिली देश की चूल।

Leader says to the public, ‘Mother! Fault lies with you not me. In spite of my swindling, you have reelected me and see, now the foundation of the country shakes.’

उनको मत चुनिये कभी, जिनके भीतर खोट,
संतति-सुख हित दीजिये, सोच समझ कर वोट।

Never elect those who are unscrupulous.
For the wellbeing of the progeny think before you vote.

संविधान की आड जब, शासक करते घात,
क्रान्ति ज्वाल तो जलेगी, बुरा मानो तात।

Brother! Don’t mind but when rulers resort to striking under the guise of constitution, the flame of revolution is sure to burn.


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