Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why not make dereliction of duty an offence?

In the wake of the Delhi rape case the demand for effective deterrent punishment is being strongly pursued. A tenacious follow up is essential for this. However, there are chances that all the changes in laws may prove to be ineffective in face of the somnambulist functioning of the bureaucracy and corrupt nexus of politics and administration. There is hardly any need of evidence for this sad state of affairs; the all pervasive decline is proof enough.

In these conditions why not declare dereliction of duty to be a punishable offence? The legal luminaries can formulate the whole range of punishments with simple but effective procedures. There are chances that heavy pecuniary punishment will bring about considerable improvement provided it starts at the top and then comes down.


  1. It is essential. However, who will bell the cat? The law makers themselves are involved in the crime.

  2. It is a pity that even after one month we sit to discuss WHEN and WHO will bell the cat ? and in its shade so many other such cases have occurred !

  3. I am afraid of the sheer number of such offenders and the size of the machinery required to deal with them and their being non-partisan at all stages, come what may.